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Around 1900 the Koot family started to cultivate bulbs. In those days it was on a small scale combined with keeping cows. My grandfather, Jaap Koot, grew tulips, daffodils, crocuses, gladioli and irises. From generation to generation the growing of bulbs became more important and it expanded. My father, Cees Koot, has, after spending some time growing flowers and plants, continued cultivating bulbs.

He specialised in growing unusual bulb species - Colchicum, Kaiserscrown, Ixia, Allium and several other varieties. About ten years ago we bought a crocus named 'Sativus'. We did not know much about this crocus but soon we collected information about the variety . Our interest and vision for this bulb was so great that we decided to enlarge our growing capacity. Nowadays Crocus Sativus is our biggest seller.

In 2005 father Cees Koot left the cultivation of Crocus Sativus entirely to its son Jaap and daughter-in-law Anna. The company name has changed in: Bloembollenbedrijf J.C.Koot


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Bloembollenbedrijf J.C.Koot

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